Working with clients in person one on one or online, Dana’s goal is to assist and transform anyone seeking a wardrobe update, revamp, or looking for an outfit for a special event/occasion.

Regular Services:

Consultation: In person consultation with Dana, getting to know more about you and what you are looking for with your style.

Closet Assessment: In Person consultation of your closet, with edits and recommendations.

Personal Shopping: Client choice of either option;

  1. In store Shopping: Shopping, looking at different stores and items in person with Dana.

  2. Online: Dana researches different clothing items alone either online or in store.

Outfit Flash Cards: Dana creates 5 outfit flashcards, showcasing multiple outfit options suited to you, complete with clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Custom Services:

Makeup/Hair Consultation: Flashcard featuring recommendations of different beauty and hair styles, colors, and products.


Special Occasion: Package perfect for a special or onetime event. 

Includes consultation, option of in person outfit options try on or digital outfit flash cards, and a makeup/hair consultation.

Travel: Perfect for a holiday! 

Includes all regular services plus a “travel essentials” consultation and personal recommendations.